Cool Berlin App Reviews

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Buggy and will not load

I have not even been able to use the app.

Good Stuff

Good, comprehensive information about Berlin. A must if you travel to Berlin!


I would love a bit more filters and some more restaurant suggestions


I love it. It's useful to plan and go to places features in this app.

Great selection of places but app crashes all the time!!

I would definitely give 5 stars, but the app is not usable at all....

Very "Cool"

A rich app, with lots of great graphics. Unfortunately it crashes very frequently.

Great start !

Berlin is not far from where I live, but its great to see it thru this app ! I will certainly try a few places out on my next visit ! App feels fresh, is nicely designed and quite slick for the first version. Looking forward to some great updates ! And you cant beat the price !

Awesome app!

Gorgeous pics. Very easy to use. Love this app!!

Nice Pictures - Lousy Navigation

I started with "view by distirict" and "virtual tour". They stink. Nice photos, but no text. How would I find these places. There's no inclusion of all the info in by category in the by district section, like a decent city guide. "By district" gets you two sentences and 7 unlabelled photos. By category gives you more choices for bars, restaurants, attractions. The screenwipe may be visually interesting the first time, but gets annoying quick if looking at more than one place. Hard to swipe through photos, keeps bringing up text - although I was happy to finally see text. Hard to dismiss text. Back button is a "+" which is goofy and not always accessible. Never really sure what clicking on an image will do: got taken to an ad in safari once. Needs a UI expert consultant. Books have been interesting and work better than the app. App feels less browseable than books and feels lacking. Photos look nice, but I want more details.

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